Historic Hinton - A Walking Tour Brochure

The City of Hinton requested a premium XL brochure for their historic walking tour. For this project, we took all the pictures and the map provided, and drew the map in a vector illustration. We added numbers to the pin drops to match up with their description. We also added a little Bluestone Dam vector to the back, as well as a QR code to access their digital tour.

Our premium XL brochures boast a size of 11x17 on 100lb glossy paper. These brochures provide extra room for all the information you need and leaves space for photography, QR codes, or anything else that you would love to include. These brochures are sure to stand out from the competition's due to their size, and you're sure to love them.

Historic Hinton - A Walking Tour Brochure - Outside
Historic Hinton - A Walking Tour Brochure - Inside
About the Client: 
Woven into the mountains of Appalachia, along the scenic New River in Southern West Virginia, lies the quaint city of Hinton. Hinton is a “Railroad Town”, formed about 1871 with the tremendous building boom that occurred during the Gay ’90s period from 1890 to1920.

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