Habanero's To-Go Menu (DEC 2016)

Habanero's is one of our favorite clients and they have us on retainer for our Marketing Consultation and Web Services. Each quarter we assist them in planning, designing, digitally publishing, and printing their marketing collateral. This Take Out Menu features four folded panels, one of which is a perforated strip of coupons.

Take Out Menus/Brochures are an inexpensive invest that help break down a lot of info in an easy-to-digest format. If you need something easy on the eyes that confers a large amount of info, let us design and print you either our standard or large Take Out Menus/Brochures.

About the Client: 
Habanero's is an amazing Mexican restaurant located in Crossroads Mall, in Raleigh County. Besides using unique and fresh ingredients, their full bar and affinity for serving above average, signature drinks, provides diners with a dining experience you won't forget.

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