Habanero's Dining Menu (Dec 2016)

Requiring many hours of consultation and planning on top of the designing and photography, this project was one of our most extensive and artistically rewarding. We were very honored and proud to deliver this menu to such a wonderful local restaurant.

Habanero's is one of our favorite clients, and they have us on retainer for our Marketing Consultation and Web Services. Each quarter we assist them in planning, designing, digitally publishing, and printing their marketing collateral.

A professional menu is one that not only lists all of your dishes; it also lists them in a way that is easy to understand, isn't overwhelming, and encourages each guest to spend more, while also leaving more psychologically satisfied. Let us engineer, design, print, and assemble your next menu, your food is worth it.

About the Client: 
Habanero's is an amazing Mexican restaurant located in Crossroads Mall, in Raleigh County. Besides using unique and fresh ingredients, their full bar and affinity for serving above average, signature drinks, provides diners with a experience they never forget.

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